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HubSpot COS: 3 Ways It Will Help Solve Your Marketing Challenges

Tools can only go so far when it comes to solving your marketing problems. Much like a gym membership, having marketing software is only ever going to make the difference if you put in the time and effort. But, at the same time, having the right tool in place will make the job much easier.


5 reasons you should be using thank you pages

After you've spent time crafting the perfectly optimised landing page, it can be tempting to think that's it. Job done. But, a marketer’s work is never done. To complete your landing page, you still need to add your thank you message. There are two ways to do this: you can use an on-page thank you message that appears after the form is completed or you can create a thank you page. Ideally, you should always create a thank you page.

What's wrong with an on-page thank you message?

But, why should you use a dedicated thank you page instead of just an on-page thank you message. They are both as effective at saying thank you, which, after all, is the main point.


The essential components of a compelling ebook

Ebooks are very valuable pieces of content for your marketing. They are a brilliant lead generation tool. Plus, they are a great way to position your brand as thought leaders in your field. But, they’re not easy to make. A good eBook takes a fair bit of time and real effort. Though, getting it right means that the end results are well worth it.

To help you create your next compelling ebook, here are the essential components that you need to include to make it as effective as possible.


Email signatures: a secret marketing tool


With many marketing methods costing too much without enough ROI, smart marketers are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to reach people. You may already be running successful email marketing campaigns, but today we're letting you into a secret email marketing tool that most marketing professionals haven't cottoned on to: email signatures.

How to make your email signature a marketing tool

So, I hear you ask, "how does an email signature help me market my business?" Firstly, you have to stop thinking about your signature line as just your name, position and company contact details. Whilst you can still include these, use the space to get creative by mentioning your latest offerings. This could include anything from a new whitepaper download, an upcoming event or a new product launch. Then, to really emphasise the point, highlight it with an effective Call to Action


Using IFTTT: What it is and how you can benefit

It can be difficult to regularly update each social media channel you have an account with. A new and popular way to make this more manageable is a web service platform named ‘IFTTT’ (like lift with no ‘l’). For many users this might seem like just another complicated website to get to grips with. However, using IFTTT for both your business and personal life can make updating social media channels much simpler. Take a look at our straightforward explanation of IFTTT as well as our list of 7 ways people are using it. 

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a platform which ‘lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: If this then that’. IFTTT explains that this is a trigger and that is the resulting action. The website calls these combinations ‘recipes’. An example of a recipe is: if ‘someone retweets your tweet’ automatically ‘tweet to thank them for retweeting’.