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Editorial Guidelines: A Guide to Setting the Rules for Your Blog

So you've decided to make a push on content and want to recruit more writers for your blog. But you've hit the all too common stumbling block: how can you make sure your new bloggers (whether internal or external) stick to your tone and style without you having to go back and forth on drafts, versions and constant amends.


Are You Giving Up on Content Marketing Too Soon?

When you see really successful example of content marketing, it’s hard not to feel just a tiny bit jealous. You see these organisations and individuals who are doing (seemingly) exactly the same as you – writing blogs, producing key content etc. But, the difference is, they seem to be so much more successful than you. It’s almost enough to make you think about giving up on content marketing.


Is Authority the Missing Ingredient in Your Content Marketing?

Say you’re researching a problem. You come across two sources, which both look like they have the answer you’re looking for. The first is by a well-known industry thought leader and the second is by someone you’ve never heard of before. Which piece of content are you more likely to trust? My guess is you’ll turn to the industry influencer. They have the standing and the reputation, so you’re more likely to have confidence in the advice they give.


How to Start Converting Your Blog Readers into Blog Subscribers

More and more people are coming to your blog. Congratulations!  Now comes the part where you try to get them to turn them into avid readers and fans.  But how can you do that? Convert them into blog subscribers In this blog post you’ll learn some great tips for turning those casual visitors into valuable,  dedicated subscribers.  

Invaluable Tactics for Creating Popular Blog Content

When it comes to crafting popular blog content, it can be hard to know where to start. While complacency, old habits and a 'this is how we've always done it' approach are your worst enemies, knowing what you need to change isn't obvious. You can see other blogs around you becoming a great success and want to know what you can do to match this.

So, for those of you who want to know what’s made successful big hit content for other marketers, here are some ideas to get you started.


5 Factors to Remember When Writing Lead Nurturing Emails

I don’t know about you, but when I get a badly optimised, untargeted, oh-so obvious lead nurturing email, I just hit delete. Why should I bother with a company that isn’t interested in providing me with something that’s actually useful or interesting? 


The Path to Conversion Never Did Run Smooth

How do people journey through your website? How do they make the switch from casual visitor to dedicated customer? In other words, what is their path to conversion?

Do they visit your website, find a strategically placed call to action, which leads them to complete a form on a landing page and become a contact? Do they then follow a pre-set lead nurturing programme, diligently completing every single step before becoming marketing qualified? Really? I doubt it very much.


One Simple Switch to Gain Control of Your Content Production

You have to write a blog, then an eBook and then another blog. Oh, and, you still have to somehow get the day job done. For modern marketers it can feel like content production is a furnace that constantly needs more coal to feed it – you’ve only just shovelled one piece in, before you have to start another. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s no reason why your content has to rule you. In fact, with one simple switch, you can take back control of your content. So what is this switch?


How to identify valuable content

You can learn the best practices of all the components of a landing page, but I can’t tell you the perfect landing page looks like this, because It will depend on your audience and your marketing personas – and the power of your value proposition.

What you can do though is identify and test (and I mean test) the value to find the right combination that works best for your marketing offer - then apply it to your content marketing strategy.


Transforming sales to be inbound marketing ready

Let me give you a real brief experience of something that happened to me last week and I’m sure it’s going to typify some of the frustrations you have with your own sales department.  Sorry I’m assuming something.  How many marketers are frustrated with your sales department? Lots.   

I was at an event last week - a sales summit with about 400 supposed sales leaders.  And I got to the event and I went up to the organiser and I said, “What’s the hash tag for this event?”  Guess what the answer was.  “What’s that?”  That was a group of sales leaders.  They didn’t know what that was.  

That’s evidence of the fact that some things have to start changing.  And part of the problem is