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How do you prove the ROI of content marketing?

One challenge that we regularly come up against is proving that content marketing really is valuable. Whether it’s to a client, or to someone at a dinner party, substantiating the claim that content marketing (and your job) is worth having in the world is often much harder than it should be.


How to make your content stand out

Ah the irony of writing a blog post about how to make your content stand out when there are already a thousand posts out there about how to make your content stand out.


31 ways you should spend a £1,000,000 marketing budget

It amazes me how much cash large brands throw into the wrong places.

Rather than thinking about how best to spend their money, they throw £50 bills at the wall and hope that some might stick and start to drive sales. Not so long ago, one UK bank set their Google pay per click and online advertising budget at £1m. 


What to Look for in Graduate Marketing Candidates

You may be buried underneath application forms and wondering how to dig yourself out. Or endlessly scrolling through LinkedIn Alumni groups in desperation. Regardless, finding the right graduate for your marketing position is a challenge.


Customer Reactivation Strategies: A Fairytale Ending

Sometimes you just want to slap your contact list silly. It feels like 100 years since you saw any action from your old contacts. You’ve tried everything. You have no offers left apart from a 99% discount on your own shirt. If you have to think of another ‘engaging’ subject line you’ll use your laptop as a spade to bury yourself with.


There’s a Middle Ground Between Clickbait and Yawn Worthy Headlines

Your blog title is arguably the most important part of your post.

It doesn’t matter if the content itself proves the big bang theory or is the greatest cat video ever seen, if the headline isn’t good then no one’s going to click through.


How to Supercharge Your Conversions With Compounding Content

Your content creation strategy is on-point. You’re churning out posts like a fine oiled machine and have ideas for new content are coming out of your ears. Yet you're still sitting at your computer waiting for the traffic to spike on your beautifully crafted blog post, or, in fact, for it to get any sort of traction at all. 


Outsourcing Vs In-house: Getting the Right Balance

I remember the days when outsourcing was seen as a bit of a dirty word. There was a certain stigma around it with connotations of cutting corners or not really taking pride in your work.

While companies such as Fiverr don't really help this stereotype (you should have seen the logo designs I received one time), many marketing teams have built up reliable networks of vendors whom they regularly outsource work to all year round.  

However most companies tend to be weighted heavily either way.

So how can you make sure you're getting the right balance?


What’s the Definition of Amazing Content?

The other day we were having a bit of a crisis meeting to try and define our positioning. Having just hired new team members we came to the scary realisation that not everyone knew what the point of our existence was or what we were trying to achieve.


How to Achieve a Seamless and Integrated Marketing Funnel

Are you always searching for ways to achieve total integration with Sales and Marketing? Creating one unified funnel for prospects is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers. When somebody comes to your website, either at a point of awareness or consideration through to the decision-making stage, the process should be completely seamless. During their experience, there should be no drop off point when they are passed from marketing to sales, or back from sales into marketing.